Website design is a highly competitive industry with a fine balance between Design, Project Management and Profitability.

There are constant pressures on delivering web projects on time and in full, to set up and following timelines, without blowing out your costs at an attempt to meet client expectations.

We work with a number of Australian businesses to complement their existing web design teams that have existing experience with web and app development. We have access to a variety of designers, developers and web administrators with the ability to help you to manage and grow your internal or external web design studio.

Our Method of Outsourcing

We have a professionally operated and maintained commercial premise within the Philippines offering very clean and professional office environment, continual fibre optic internet and uninterrupted power.

Our method of outsourcing ensures your team become an important part of your business, at the same time allowing full control of your team and the handling of your proprietary or sensitive information.

You control each stage from hiring to daily assigning of tasks with your team (local and overseas) acting as a support for your offshore staff and offering peace of mind to grow your own offshore team.

As we have specific experience in managing web teams we can also guide (if required) on running teams, recording time against projects (to measure profitability) and project / task management to ensure each team member is performing the right tasks in the right order.

Here are a few tasks staff perform for their web clients:

Website and Graphic Design

Website and Graphic Design

Development of standard and shopping cart websites. Designing website mockups during development, implementing design overlays over a CMS and manipulation of Java / CSS. Logo & Brand design.

Content Management and Migration

Content Management and Migration

Creation of page structures, segregation of content, migration of content from one site to another, auditing of content, review and formatting of content.

SEO Compliance

SEO Compliance

Actioning & development of social media plans. Social media interaction and growing your social media reach, development of sales funnels and creation & management of social media accounts.

Web App Development

Web App Development

Creating new apps (native and web), creating new/editing existing plugins and themes, auditing of existing code and project management.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Editing existing CMS themes for the addition of Responsive / mobile design, AMP design.

Server Administration

Server Administration

Set up and administration of Linux (apache), Amazon, Windows Server. Administration of Server Security.

Website Updates and Fixes

Website Updates and Fixes

Implementing website plug-in and theme updates. Correcting code issues caused via conflicts within themes.

Software our offshore team use daily: