Free Mini-Course: Know Your Numbers to Survive and Grow in the New Normal

There have been a dramatic number of changes already in COVID-19 as we look at ways we can survive in business in this New Normal. If you’re receiving subsidies from the government in Job Keeper, other financial assistance or your living day by day then you need to get to know your numbers to ensure your business and staff are in one piece once we get through the New Normal.

Sure, looking at the numbers in your business can be a very confrontation exercise but without visibility of where you stand, you can’t map a path of the way out.

At this EXACT moment, do you know IF or When you will run out of money in your business, especially in these uncertain times? It is a proven fact that when people don’t have a clear understanding of where their business stands, they make emotional decisions. Do you think RIGHT NOW is the time to be making emotional decisions that may impact the future livelihood of your business?

Tanya Titman is an accountant and head of Innovation for BDO has joined in a collaboration with Affordable Staff to talk around ‘Mapping your way through New Normal’ by knowing your numbers and the position of your business.

Tanya talks through the key areas you need to be focussing on NOW in order to have a sustainable business especially once we move past September when all businesses need to stand on their own feet without any financial aid. There are 5 key areas that Tanya walks through giving information on where to point your time and energy.

Affordable Staff have created a series of collaborations with professionals within the industry to help business owners as they try to navigate through this crisis and to do business in the New Normal. This course specifically focuses on how you can pivot your business to understand your business/ financial position and what changes you need to implement in order to survive and grow in the New Normal.


  • The importance of a relationship with your accountant and why the business owner is accountable for their business

  • The financial tools every business owner NEEDS to have in their toolbox

  • Cashflow management in the New Normal

  • Cashflow levers you can ‘pull’ or ‘push’ to make sure you don’t run out of money

  • Budgeting for the New Normal

  • Funding Options for Real Estate in The New Normal

  • What is an Accountants idea of a Sustainable Business In the New Normal

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