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Let’s briefly talk to Keith Marshall from Australian Mortgage and Financial Advisers around his hands on experience on outsourcing through affordable staff.

David: Thank you Keith today for having a chat to us, Keith Marshall is from AMAFA. We can start off first by telling us a little bit about your business and what you do.

Keith: Okay, well, AMAFA stands for Australian Mortgage and Financial Advisers. We are a mortgage broking business and a full financial services company. We offer clients the ability to do a home loan with us, to car loan and to plant and equipment loan with us and they could also get life insurance, do superannuation and other financial planning needs that they might have.

David: Excellent. And how long have you been in the business? How long have you been in the game?

Keith: About 17 years

David: About 17 years

Keith: Started initially as mortgage broking and the business is growing from there so our foundation is mortgage broking.

David: Excellent. How did you originally found out about our business?

Keith: Through an associate of mine who’d done business with you previously and is very happy with your services and after I’ve seen what you guys have done for him and after that I thought it’s appropriate to contact you and give it a try.

David: Excellent. You’ve actually employed an outsourcing person or a virtual assistant in your business. What sort of tasks, what soft of things do you have them doing for you?

Tanya from Affordable StaffKeith: Well, there’s lot’s of thing that Tanya does for me. It’s quite a pleasure in the morning getting an SMS from her saying good morning but she’s there to do all the writing that i need to get done on our website. She does a little of excel spreadsheets that I might do and any administrative tasks that can be and might need to do. And we’re still growing with Tanya. It is early days, but certainly the prospects are looking good.

David: And it’s the key thing we’re talking about just beforehand is that we have a number of clients that utilize the people for their daily social media activity as well as some of their online marketing activity and especially some of the administrative tasks. As the world is getting smaller, and I remember going back in 2010 when we first started actually outsourcing people and I compare it to the way that it is now. I was actually saying this to one of our clients, when we first started that was version 1 and now we’re version 1 million and 1 based on how much the industry has changed and developed and really evolved over that period of time, so it’s certainly growing.

Keith: I think from a personal point of view, that would be the case with me because you tend to need to learn how to use your VA to get the most out of them and certainly I’m on that process and I’m very happy with where it’s going.

David: And finally, last question, anything else you might want to say, what would you say to anybody that’s looking at getting an outsourced person or VA to work within their business.

Keith: I think they should give it a go. It has all the positives and I can’t see any negatives.

David: Some of our team members as well on the way that is expanding is… a lot of the critical task that our people are performing have adapted and evolved a lot.

Keith: Quite honestly, because of with the way you guys work, you have a team behind the VA. So there may be functions that she doesn’t necessarily have the skills for but it’s only a case of getting back to me in a few minutes and she goes to walk to somebody else’s desk or goes to another office and she comes back with the answer and the skill sets to do it.

So that to me has been such a big advantage because while I only have one VA, there’s a team behind her that’s helping her as well and that is very valuable to me.

David: For us, the biggest transition over the last year or so would be moving to the physical office with our team.

We were operating a lot of our team out of home and that was working well for us at that time, but it has really changed and evolved now where having the team together in that oneto location for that exact reason that you mentioned has made it critical to continue to grow and flourish the business.

Especially that reliability, because I don’t think you’ve experienced any of our team when they’re working from home

Keith: No, I didn’t

David: There are power and internet and connectivity issues in general and motivation and their ability to access other people to brainstorm and to get those activities performed at a timely manner.

Keith: I think that any potential person needs to understand you’re getting more than just a VA, you’re getting a team behind her.

David: Okay, excellent. Thank you very much again for your time.

Keith: My pleasure.

David: Really appreciate it and yeah, I look forward to continuing to work with you and develop a relationship.

Keith: I’m sure that we’ll be having a long and happy relationship.

David: So, that’s Keith Marshall from AMAFA which stands for…

Keith: Australian Mortgage and Financial Advisers

David: Excellent. thank you