Free Mini-Course: Renting and Selling Digitally in the New Normal

How can I rent and sell during lockdown? Many in the real estate industry would have faced this question during the hardest parts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world is still grappling with the impacts of this pandemic and its effects on the economic markets will be felt for years to come. Thankfully for us, almost all parts of Australia and New Zealand are showing signs of normalcy (albeit with some bumps in the road). The prospect of vaccines are now also visible, but that doesn’t mean things will be returning to the way things were before.

Adapting to the ‘New Normal’ and staying on top of growth is important now more than ever.

For this mini-course, we collaborated with Curtis from (REA Group) to discuss how businesses and individuals in the real estate space can adapt to the changes which have emerged over the last 12 months and how to get the most out of renting and selling virtually in the New Normal.

Businesses don’t just have to survive in challenging times, they can thrive. And although these mini-courses are focused around COVID, having the skills and open mindset to adapt to change is critical for anyone in the property industry.


  • The changes in renting and selling virtually in the new normal

  • Tips for getting the best results for virtual inspections, 360° tours, image enhancement and more!

  • Identifying current and future trends

  • The best agencies to use when it comes to renting and selling virtually

  • Getting the most out of online meetings with current and new clients

  • Where things will continue to move in the new normal

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