Free Mini-Course: Property Inspections in the New Normal

COVID-19 has impacted many industries across the globe with a strong impact felt within the Real Estate industry. In the face of a crisis there comes ingenuity and the creation of new ways of doing business.

This has certainly been the case in relation to Property Inspections with the current restrictions making the way we used to complete Inspections obsolete.

Patrick Hill of Realm Australia has joined in collaboration with Affordable Staff to talk around ‘Property Inspections in the New Normal’ through the demonstration of Remote Inspections.

We walk through the step by step process of Remote Inspections and discuss some of the key areas of importance when using Remote Inspections in comparison to other products available on the marketplace. Patrick shares how Realm’s Remote Inspections actually reduce the existing time required by local PM staff and how Remote Inspections will change the industry once we move beyond the New Normal.

Affordable Staff have created a series of collaborations with professionals within the industry to help business owners as they try to navigate through this crisis and to do business in the New Normal. This course specifically focuses on how you can continue to complete Inspections in a cost-effective way that doesn’t require massive hours to be invested by your local PM’s.


  • What are Remote Inspections

  • Setting up for Remote Inspections

  • Configuring Remote Inspections

  • How The Tenant Completes the Remote Inspection

  • How to get 80% completion rate in the first 10 days

  • Auditing the Final Completed Report

  • Filing The Completed Report

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