Free Mini-Course: Managing Change and Growth in the New Normal

Real Estate businesses in Australia continue through the impact of COVID-19 and are looking at ways they can do business in this New Normal. This not only presents Problems but has meant business owners and their staff have had to Pivot to keep their business sustainable.

Many of us have had to make a number of changes to keep going and like with any change this can cause additional problems with your local staff and a flow-on effect to the bottom line in your business.

Kasey McDonald of Property Management Training Academy has joined in a collaboration with Affordable Staff to talk around ‘Managing Change and Growth in the New Normal’ using her over 20 years of hands-on experience in the real estate industry.

Kasey shares what it means to do business in the New Normal and the key areas of your business you should be focusing on right now to ensure your business is growing now and has a plan in place once measures like Jobseeker ends in September.

Affordable Staff have created a series of collaborations with professionals within the industry to help business owners as they try to navigate through this crisis and to do business in the New Normal. This course specifically focuses on how you can work through change with your staff and strategies to continue to grow your business.


  • Creating Positive Change In The New Normal

  • Changes In The Industry In The New Normal

  • Changes To Systematisation

  • The Best Softwares To Use In The New Normal

  • What KPI’s and Incentivization to Offer Right Now

  • How A PM Business Looks In The New Normal

  • What Bottom Line Areas are Critical Right Now

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