Free Mini-Course: Leveling up in Rapid Change

If there’s one thing we can all take from the last 12 months it’s that every new day brings with it a new challenge. That’s why it’s crucial as a business to not only be prepared to accommodate for the change but to be ready to excel.

Although much of Australia and New Zealand continue to handle the impacts of the pandemic pretty well, things can change very, very quickly. Which is why staying flexible and prepared for whatever is around the corner is crucial.

Rebecca Clow is the Director of BD by design and has a background in corporate business, as well as diverse roles in Property Management.

In this mini-course, David and Eva were joined by Rebecca to discuss how to identify and manage change and strongly lead your business into an uncertain future. They uncover what skills you and your team will need, mental health considerations and the importance of staying accountable. Discover the power of critical thinking and creativity and how it can help you move towards not just being a better property manager, but a better relationship manager. In the COVID-19 world futures can be hazy, but this mini-course can help you to lift the fog on the obstacles that could be thrown your way.

Of course, the pandemic isn’t the only challenge businesses have to be aware of. Change is inevitable. So, making sure your business is equipped to adequately handle and rise above the obstacles is essential.


  • How to plan so your business thrives now and in the uncertain future

  • Considerations when it comes to managing change

  • Being comfortable with uncertainty and aware of your mental health

  • How to use key skills of creativity, service orientation, critical thinking and decision making to level up

  • Staying accountable to lead your business over obstacles

  • How to harness your ‘EQ’ and not just your IQ

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