Free Mini-Course: Growing Through Challenging Times

In the peak of the pandemic mental health was an important subject…

What is a bulletproof mindset, how does it impact Mental Health and apply to Brokers during COVID?

As of releasing this mini-course Australia and New Zealand are in a good place, unlike the rest of the world being heavily impacted by the once in a hundred-year event.

Irrespective to your opinion around COVID, we have to acknowledge there has been a huge impact on our global economy that will be felt for many years to come. This combined with legislative changes and other roadblocks to building a business can have a flow-on effect on your mental health and your family.

Affordable Staff and Ash Playsted from The MindSetFit Method have collaborated to discuss what it means for a broker to grow through challenging times and the key steps for you to create a scalable and sustainable business.

Whilst the minicourse seems timely due to COVID, in reality, the content is important for a broker at any time in their journey as we cover a number of key areas around mindset, goals, creating a map and so much more.

Some of the greatest lessons can be learnt during some of the most challenging times and the result of this minicourse assists in addressing mental health and at the same time successfully moving forward within your business despite the challenges that arise on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.


  • Why COVID in some ways has been good for Mental Health

  • Why it all starts with your mindset

  • The Idea of a Bullet Proof Mindset

  • You can’t reach a destination without a Map

  • Why you should reverse engineering success

  • Scaling through your map

  • Why a sustainable business depends on systems not people

  • Hiring the right person to fit the role Vs trying to fit the role to the person

  • What are your Goals

  • Aligning your actions with your Goals

  • The Actions = Outcomes formula

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