Free Mini-Course: Growing and Sustaining a Rent Roll in the New Normal

During COVID-19 there are a number of concerns around not only growing a Rent Roll but importantly sustaining a rent roll under the New Normal. There have been escalating pressures in the marketplace in relation to reduced rents, deferred payments for Landlords and there is still a level of uncertainty on how Property Management will look in the future.

Lauren Robinson is the Principal of Rental Results and has joined in collaboration with Affordable Staff to share how she is not only ‘Sustaining but Continuing to Grow a Rent Roll’ during the new normal.

Lauren discusses the key areas of focus within her business and best-practice methodologies around communication with Landlords and Tenants to ensure minimal disruption to a Rent Roll.

Affordable Staff have created a series of collaborations with professionals within the industry to help business owners as they try to navigate through this crisis and to do business in the New Normal. This course specifically focuses on strategies to Grow and Sustain a Rent Roll and the key areas of focus for a Rent Roll right now and after September when the country experiences another economic change.


  • The Big Changes For Rent Rolls in The New Normal

  • Communicating with Landlords and Tenants

  • Renting Virtually in the New Normal

  • The Profitable PM Model in the New Normal

  • Reputation Management in the New Normal

  • The Importance of Social Presence in the New Normal

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