Free Mini-Course: Freedom Is a Choice

Where-ever you are on the Planet you cannot deny the impact COVID-19 has had on your daily life. For many, the flow-on effect of COVID will be felt for many years.

During 2020 many businesses have continually been in a state of change whether in lock-down and being unable to leave your home through to some businesses going under. Even though the phrase ‘Unprecedented Times’ has been thrown around many times, it really does summarise this last year.

Whilst we have experienced challenging times in reality there have been a number of underlying challenges as a society that have been present in our daily lives that have been bubbling under the surface for many years. COVID in many ways has bought them to the surface and is placing us in a position where we need to look at how to deal with those challenges if we are going to continue to move forward on a path of success.

Zoe Slater is the founder of Freedom Choice Academy and has joined in a collaboration with Affordable Staff to talk about Mental Health in the Loan Broker space and to Discuss why Freedom is a Choice.

Zoe talks about the key areas of Rapid change and key elements of being able to adapt to the radical change we live in right now. Whilst the topics and techniques Zoe Discusses in this mini-course were to help brokers navigate through the changes of a global pandemic the content is evergreen. When we move beyond this and back into the state of a new normal, the topics will remain as important as ever, especially with the rates of depression and suicide at all-time rates now and even prior to COVID.

In Short, the effects will be felt for years and is why we will have this mini-course and its content available for years to come.

Here’s a short excerpt of the mini-course:


  • What is Rapid Change and how to Adapt to it

  • The Challenge of Negative Mind Chatter

  • Reacting vs Responding

  • The Challenge of Shared Space

  • What it means when you say you have a choice

  • The Idea of Force Vs Flow

  • The Idea of Stress to Success

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