Connective Broker Outsourced Personal Assistant Outline

Purpose of Position: To provide effective administration support to the broker

Key Performance Indicators Target
Handling Documentation – Prepare documents for access and storage
To create admin labels and folders Create client labels for correspondence in gmail or Office 365 and create client folder in Drive or OneDrive using a naming convention formula.
To accurately file documentation Save all incoming documents and attachments from email to the correct client folder in Drive or OneDrive.
*To accurately name documentation Interpret the document and rename in accordance with a naming convention formula.
To check documentation for legibility Use PDF Editor to rotate, crop, compress or convert to PDF as required.
To ensure documentation is stored efficiently Check file size of documents and reduce if the size is too large for the number of pages, check for duplicate documents within a folder.
Data Entry Into Mercury – Ensure that accurate data entry is completed in a timely manner
To create new contacts in Mercury Enter new client details into Mercury.
To prepare client files for assessment Correctly enter contact information, all addresses, income, expenses, assets and liabilities from the brokers fact finding form into Mercury.
To accurately record client information Enter client information from gmail or Office 365 into the notes section of the contact or opportunity.
To update and maintain client contact details Change/ update within reasonable timeframe
To record correspondence in Mercury Copy email communications from gmail / Office 365 into the client opportunity on the day that the communication occurs.
To update status in Mercury Change status of opportunity on the day that the status changes, complete any tasks assigned to Admin as a result of that status change.
Complete data entry for forms both online and in writable PDF format
To enter data in AOLM Enter data that does not populate from Mercury to AOLM to ensure that the application has complete and accurate details.
*To prepare forms for client signature and/or lender action Prepare discharge forms, lender application forms and other bank forms ready for client signature with no errors.
*To order valuations with a variety of lenders Use lender portals to order valuations.
*To complete pricing requests with a variety of lenders Use lender portals to complete pricing requests.
To prepare quarterly audit Update audit system with details from files to be audited. Check supporting documentation is complete in Mercury file.
Workflow management and reporting
To record work completed on client files Use client Trello Cards or other cloud based project management system to update work completed for client files and/or ask specific file related questions.
To ensure that work continues on priority tasks Use Slack or other communication system to check on priority tasks, request additional time to complete tasks if required and/or ask for help with how to complete new tasks. Also update the team on breaks and handover tasks to ensure continuity.

*May need assistance from Senior Pre-Credit Admin Role or Broker