We are Australian Owned and Grown, offering outsourcing services for Australian businesses.

Since October 2010 and through the use of a variety of services (including oDesk) we’ve accumulated over 85,000 hours of outsourcing experience employing over 300 people in multiple countries.

During this period (and through our own hands on growing pains) we’ve come to understand the key elements in connecting Australian Businesses to overseas resources and ‘how to’ avoid the many small complexities that can make outsourcing seem unattractive.


We currently work to help Australian businesses with outsourcing opportunities within the Philippines.

Our target clientele are Australian businesses that are looking to ‘Grow Their Business’, ‘Add Support To Their Existing Australian Team’ and ‘To Creating A Lifestyle’.

At Affordable Staff our approach is a unique combination of ‘Hands On Experience’ combined with existing business acumen, working specifically with the Australian marketplace and within the Australian Culture.

Our constantly growing Philippines office employ ‘Incredible, Motivation and Driven People’ that truly care about the quality of the work and how they can best help their client.

We offer the best working conditions and give back to their development to ensure they remain engaged in their and have a constant sense of job satisfaction.

A recent visit to La Salle University and donations for locals devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan

We often engage with the local universities and the local community with Australian fund raising drives to assist on the growth of the people within the community.

We are developing strong connections with local training institutions and universities to develop ongoing education and training to prepare students on ‘how to’ enter into the outsourcing marketplace, based on local Australian requirements.

Our overall Goal is to help your business to be more profitable and productive. We take care of all of the set-up and work so you can focus on your business.

We offer the support & structure to allow you to monitor your team and feel confidence in your offshore team.