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Who Are We?

We are a 100% owned and operated Australian business offering the unique outsourcing 'insights' of local business owners that understand the local financial climate and environment.

When outsourcing any task within your business it's critical to get the 'Right' people to do the job, combined with reliable facilities that offer stable power and internet.

Many outsourcers operate out of home which can be an issue for a business that needs reliable consistent service, especially when your team member disappears for days during the time you need them the most.

Our Team Are Highly Motivated And Care About Their Clients

The Culture of our business is designed to develop and grow our team.

We benchmark each team members performance and work with them to maximize their output always looking for ways to improve 'How' they complete each task.

This allows our customers to gain access to resources from overseas with the ability to improve efficiency, profits and to focus on the growth of their business.

Why Us?

Our team of virtual assistants operate within our physical office within the Philippines, only employing team members of the highest consistent standards to make outsourcing a Breeze and to ensure your total Success!

We understand the uniqueness of the Australian Real Estate market and our team members already work hands on with a number of existing agencies offering a variety of proven services.

This combined with our over 180,000 outsourcing hours allows you to step your business up to the next level.

Our Team Discuss The Value They're Adding To Their Real Estate Clients...

Contact Me To Discuss How I Can Get My First Week No Charge

We'll Grab A Few Simple Details And Will Get In Touch Shortly

Tasks Virtual Assistants Complete To Gain Peak Growth, Efficiency And Support!

  • General Administration Tasks

    Virtual Assistants work on the lower yield time intensive critical tasks that will free up the time of your property manager to work on higher ‘Return On Investment’ tasks like marketing properties, signing up new properties and making sales.

  • Book Inspections and Arrears Calls

    From booking inspections through to your daily arrears calls, Virtual Assistants can make calls, send & track follow up emails also running other tasks like reference and ID checks.

  • Customer Intelligence and Sales Support

    Virtual Assistants prepare daily sales reports, help manage your CRM, prepare data for sales appraisals and more. Opportunities to maximize your sales team are only limited by your imagination.

  • Lead Generation and Lead Development

    Virtual Assistants work to source new leads through outbound calling and the set up of systems and processes to ensure you are staying in regular contact with potential leads. Our process ensures your salespeople are always the first person a homeowner thinks of when they are selling their home.

  • Plan and Manage Your Social Media

    Our Real Estate clients the grow and thrive understand the importance of consistent and constant social media activity. Our Virtual Assistants are trained, follow and understand these proven techniques when managing social media for their Real Estate clients.

  • Online Marketing

    Our Virtual Assistants run ongoing online marketing processes for Real Estate agencies. These include SEO, Social Media, Email marketing and paid advertising. All services they offer are 100% compliant and the team are constantly up-skilled in other new trending mediums.

  • Other General Support Tasks

    Booking flights, car rental, reminding you of important events, following up with your team and more… Virtual Assistants are there to make your life easier and to support your business growth.

How You Can Get A Virtual Assistant For FREE!

We understand supporting Sales and Property Management by using Virtual Assistants is great move, especially if you want to remain competitive and continue to grow your business.

At the same time it can be daunting to consider how a Virtual Assistant can fit within your business especially when you want to understand how well it will integrate.

We understand how well it works for our other property management and sales agencies that we're prepared to assume all of the risk and supply a Virtual Assistant to your for your first week FREE.

We'll first of all call to see if a VA will fit within your business (through a brief consultation).

After talking with one of our local Australian team if you think this is a good fit for your business we'll find the best person to match your requirements, present who we consider to be the best applicants and arrange a time to get them started... It's really that simple.

Let Us Assume The Risk...

Like any team member it will take longer than a week to fully integrate them into your business, but just like any team member, you can normally understand if they will be a good fit for your business within that first week.

This will allow you to take your new person for a spin and understand if outsourcing is a good fit for your business. If at the end of that first week you do not think it will be a good fit for your business we will take them back from you and you will not have to pay a cent.

To find out more about this Special Offer, click on the link below where we'll grab a few simple details and will be in contact shortly.

Contact Me To Discuss How I Can Get My First Week No Charge

We'll Grab A Few Simple Details And Will Get In Touch Shortly

Who We Work With...

Other Happy Clients...

Adrian D'Amico

Can't fault David and his team, service based and solution orientated and a great finished product! I have no hesitation recommending David to anyone looking for a hands on professional.

Adrian D'Amico, Harcourts Woolongong
Michael Kalinovski

Affordable Staff weren't the cheapest quote but I had tried to outsource before and the results weren't great so this time I really wanted someone that knew what they were doing. I have to say the results we’re fantastic. Not only was I able to get the work done on time and without any hassle, what David’s team created was far beyond anything I was hoping expecting. It’s hard to find people that actually say what they do and I would recommend David as one of those people. Affordable Staff are A1 professionals in my book.

Michael Kalinovski, Century 21 Bayview

Top 5 Benefits In Outsourcing To A Virtual Assistant

  • 1

    Cost Effectiveness

    A Virtual Assistant can free up the time of your local workforce to focus on higher Return On Investment tasks. This combined with the cost effectiveness of outsourced team members translate to getting more done for a lower cost.

  • 2

    Build Your Business

    Whether you want to generate leads, schedule routine inspections, make arrears calls or other support tasks, a Virtual Assistant can directly help you to grow your business by ensuring all of your tasks are completed in a timely and consistent manner. This also allows your customers to receive an improved experience with your business.

  • 3

    Free Up Your Time

    Delegating tasks to reliable remote staff frees up your time and the time of your local team. For many of our clients it means they are able to focus on other higher yield tasks or even something more simple like investing time with their family. A Virtual Assistant gives you back your time for you to choose how you will invest it.

  • 4

    Run Your Business More Effeciently

    The number of tasks a Property Manager or Real Estate salesperson have to complete are endless yet critical, yet are all important to complete in order to grow and flourish. A Virtual Assistant can allow you to complete all of these tasks along with additional tasks that can help you to stand out from the crowd.

  • 5

    Improve The Overall Customer Experience

    When your customer is happy they will not only return, they will also refer your work to others. With a Virtual Assistant allows you to do that little bit extra to make your customer service experience 'Extra Ordinary'. In this tough competitive industry if you want to stand out from the crowd it's critical that you find ways to

Contact Me To Discuss How I Can Get My First Week No Charge

We'll Grab A Few Simple Details And Will Get In Touch Shortly