With top tiered accounting firms growing offshore teams combined with staff shortages in employing local experienced staff, small to medium accounting practices are exploring outsourcing to ensure their future growth and survival.

The historical fear of employing and retaining offshore staff is a ‘real concern’ unless you implement the best infrastructure combined with proven methods of success.

Our unique offering is through the placement of full time staff with our clients, allowing your dedicated offshore staff member to grow and develop as a part of your business.

This is combined with the additional cost savings of:

- Tax and superannuation
- Sick Leave entitlements
- Office & Infrastructure set-up and ongoing costs
- Higher Salaries of accounting professionals

Security and Data Protection

We are aware that security is paramount when dealing with client data and it's important to have peace of mind when considering offshoring.

With this in mind we have implemented an extensive risk management and data protection policy.

A number of these protections include (and are not limited to):

  • 2 security guards at all times at the entrance of the office
  • Policy to prevent non-employees entering the office
  • Back to base security system during office closed hours
  • Monitoring cameras (entry and floor) with storage and live internet streaming
  • Biometric scanners for every employee that logs on when entering building and logs off when leaving
  • Supervisors on floor that monitor staff at all times
  • Separate individual lockers for staff to place their personal belongings
  • Legally binding employment agreements and NDA’s
  • Enforceable policies on data management

Please get in contact with us today for a chat about what’s possible in your business.

Tasks Staff Complete For Clients

Listed below are a few of real tasks and software our team complete for their clients.

Australian Taxation

Australian Taxation

Handling / preparation of GST, BAS, IAS and PAYG Payment Summaries. Filing of ATO documents. Complying with Australian federal, state, & local legal requirements.

Self Managed Super Funds

Self Managed Super Funds

Assisting with the administration and reporting of SMSF. Preparing financial accounts and regulatory returns for SMSF.

Accounts Management

Accounts Management

Handling accounts payable, receivables and payroll.

General Ledger

General Ledger

Maintenance & balancing of general ledger accounts, trial balances and reconciling entries.

Monitoring and Processing

Monitoring and Processing

Monitor and record Foreign Exchange transactions and currency activities​. Process bank account reconciliations. Facilitate transactions in various currencies among customers and suppliers​.

Financial Budgeting and Reporting

Financial Budgeting and Reporting

Preparation of financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends. Prepare Budget reports and finance reports for clients/directors/owners.

Other Miscellaneous Tasks

Other Miscellaneous Tasks

Calculate Amortization / recording capital assets, setting up client accounting systems, Filing of ATO & other documentation and client follow-ups.

Software our offshore team use daily: